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PSY 265 Week 2 Discussion 2


PSY 265 Week 2 Discussion 2

Posted On : 04-14-2011
  PSY 265 Week 2 Discussion 2


Discussion Question 2




your response to the following: Consider a couple that has been married for over ten years and is experiencing a lack of romance and sexual interest in one another. What might be some of the causes of the decrease in sexual interest? Do you think the lack of sexual interest might stem from mental causes, physical causes, or both? How might this couple use their senses to enhance and increase their sexual relationship? In your participation, choose responses described by others in class and state whether you agree or disagree with their answers and to what extent. Explain why.

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DQ 2

I would try to determine if life’s stresses were a contributor to their lack of romance and sexual interest in one another.  If it was the problem I would....